Dental Examination

There are a number of checks that the dentist will perform every time you attend for your routine dental examination.
They will look to:

  • Assess the health of your teeth and gums
  • Look for areas of gum disease, acid erosion and tooth decay
  • Assess your risk of tooth decay
  • Take x-rays to look at those areas not visible to the naked eye
  • Scale and polish your teeth to remove plaque and calculus build up
  • Offer lifestyle advise
  • Provide oral hygiene instruction to keep your teeth looking their best

Dental examinations help to cut costs – save money in the long term, by ensuring that any problems are identified early and treated quickly, reducing the need for extensive dental treatment.
Dental examinations help to prevent cavities and tooth loss – removing plaque and calculus with regular cleanings can help reduce the risk of developing tooth decay and can help to keep gum disease under control
Dental examinations can boost your overall health – you can help lower your risk of developing some conditions such as heart disease and stroke by ensuring you look after your oral health