Inman Aligner

Inman Aligners provide the perfect solution to treat crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. Most cases can be completed in 6-18 weeks and because the aligners are removable treatment can fit your lifestyle. The Inman Aligner has nickel titanium coil springs that power two aligner bows that gently oppose each other, guiding the teeth into their new position.

It will be necessary to wear the aligners for 16-20 hours every day and you will need to attend the dentist every 2-3 weeks for maintenance appointments. Following treatment, it will be necessary to wear a retainer to ensure that the teeth do not move back to their original position.


Short treatment time – most cases can be complete in as little as 16-20 weeks.

Removable – Inman Aligners are removable so fit in with your lifestyle, allowing you to complete a full oral hygiene routine and eat a varied diet.

Only one aligner required – only one aligner will be needed for treatment and this will be adjusted at your appointments as your teeth move into position.