Pdo Thread Therapy

PDO Thread Therapy is an effective cosmetic procedure that aims to reduce or tighten sagging skin tissues particularly around the neck, jawline, cheeks and nose to mouth folds and the brow areas. It involves the use of absorbable Polydioxanone threads. There are different kinds of threads which may be used the two main types are made of either Poly L lactic acid (PLA) or Polydioxanone (PDO) also Caprolactone. Both PLA and PDO have collagen stimulating properties and are resorbable (dissolve over time leaving tighter ‘scar’ maybe use ‘repair’ tissue instead as they often produce Type 3 Collagen tissue behind to prolong the result.)

A typical treatment involves placement of the desired number of threads, which may range from a single thread per side but can involve 50 threads or more to treat the face and neck areas to achieve the desired results.

You can expect an immediate lift to the treated area, but this will always relax somewhat once the initial swelling has settled down. Appearance is expected to gradually improve over a period of 2-3 months as collagen remodelling occurs.