Get your smile summer ready

It is that time of year again, the days are getting longer, and the sun is beginning to shine. Although this year is very different from many we have experienced, we are all hoping that things will start to return to a new sort of normal in the coming weeks and months. Here at Maidstone Dental & Implant Centre we know that having a smile you can be proud of can help to boost your self-esteem and improve your confidence. There will no longer be a need to hide when someone has the camera out and you can be confident that your smile is always looking its best. 

Here at Maidstone Dental & Implant Centre, our highly trained and dedicated team have a wide range of services that can help to improve the appearance of your smile. In this blog, we look at the benefits of just a few:

  • Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an effective way to lighten the natural colour of your teeth, without causing damage to the teeth or the surrounding gums, it can be used alongside other treatments to help ensure the best results. Teeth whitening can be completed either in the surgery or at home and it is currently the number one cosmetic dental procedure worldwide.


  • Teeth whitening can help to dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth, for a relatively small cost. Having a beautiful smile is achievable for anyone.
  • Teeth whitening can help you make a great first impression. We all make decisions based on first impression and having the confidence to smile naturally can really help to improve your likeability factor
  • Teeth whitening helps to make you look more youthful. A bright, white smile is associated with youth so Teeth whitening can help you to look years younger. 


  • Teeth Straightening

At Maidstone Dental & Implant Centre we have a wide range of teeth straightening procedures available, so will always be able to find one to meet your needs and your budget. Teeth straightening has increased in popularity over the last few years, with more and more adults considering improving their smile. 


  • Teeth straightening can help to improve your confidence in your smile. Improved confidence can lead to achieving more both professionally and personally. 
  • One of the first things people notice about you if your teeth. Teeth straightening allows you to be sure of making a good impression
  • Teeth straightening can help to improve your oral health. By straightening your teeth, it will be easier to perform a full oral hygiene routine, reducing the risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetic treatment can help to improve the appearance of your skin, plumping and volumizing skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The key aim to all facial aesthetic treatment is to ensure the most natural looking result possible. People should never be able to tell that you have had treatment


  • Facial aesthetic treatment is fast and easy, treatment can be completed in your lunch hour and you will then be able to return to work with very few visible side effects. 
  • Results are immediate but tend to look even better a few days later. 
  • Facial aesthetic treatment allows you to control your looks subtly as you age.

The team at Maidstone Dental & Implant Centre work closely with you to customise individual treatment plans that successfully meet your personal needs, helping to ensure you can have a smile you can be confident in. If you would like to discuss improving your smile do not hesitate to call Maidstone Dental & Implant Centre today on 01622 682 029 or contact us on

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