Case 13

Pete came into the practice with a broken tooth & wanted to change his silver fillings to mercury free alternatives. You can see the difference it makes!

Case 12

Zhana was recommended to visit Nelson Road by her friend. She had a broken tooth & silver in her mouth which she didn’t like. We re-strengthened her teeth with strong cosmetic alternatives

Case 7

Mundeep did not like her crooked lower teeth. We fitted a discreet brace (lingual) to the inside of her teeth & 12 weeks later she had a straighter more confident smile

Case 6

Charlotte did not like the crookedness of her smile. She wanted an invisible way of straightening her teeth – a clear brace system was used to give her a beautiful result

Case 5

Sam was recommended from another client & travelled far to see us. She was unhappy with the crookedness of her smile – a simple brace system & some bonding allowed her to smile confidently again

Case 4

Barry wanted to improve his crooked smile before his wedding. We were able to meet his expectations, budget & time schedule to achieve a confident smile for his wedding day.